Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sort of a farewell

It's a family do, a temporary farewell, as two adventurers are ready to head off for a month in Thailand. I figured canneloni might not be part of the everyday fare there, so off I went to the freezer in search of a sauce.

Turkey Cacciatore sauce from March was approaching its best-due date, so that determined the remaining details.

I found ground turkey thigh meat at the store, then cooked that in some leftover pesto. Combined with rictta and cottage cheese and eggs, etc., that made the filling for the pasta tubes.

With the sauce from March over top, along with some grated cheese, I'm hoping this'll be enough to ensure the Thai travellers eventually come home.

Green beans and bread and salad are part of the meal. And then for dessert, there's pie made from fresh-picked rhubarb and blackberries. Sa wah dee kha...

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