Thursday, August 20, 2009

The 100-Foot Diet

Since the Dear Man is out tonight, it seemed like a good time to experiment. I've wanted to see what kind of meal I could make with only the ingredients on our property -- a vaguely 60 x 100 foot suburban lot. Though since the kitchen's pretty much in the centre of the house, I might be more accurate calling it the 50-foot diet. Whatever.

I cooked some freshly-dug potatoes and in a separate pan, stir-fried two little zucchinis (one green, one golden) with fresh oregano and lots of chopped dill. Oh yes, there was some cheating, I allowed myself the use of both olive oil and salt. Once the potatoes were cooked, I mixed them up with the stir-fry into a surprisingly tasty (and filling!) dish.

Salad was wild lettuce, tomatoes, lots of basil and parsley (along with the cheater products over top).

My drink may have been the most interesting part of the meal: iced tea made from mint, sweetened with the last two of this year's golden plums, with a couple of blackberries tossed in for colour.

There's even dessert for later, a bowl of today's blackberries. Though I must say, it sounded tempting when I heard the ding-a-ling song of the ice cream man going past. I was tempted, not only because the berries usually like some sort of topping, but also because his truck was just at the edge of the walk. So really, wasn't he within the boundaries of this evening's meal?

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