Sunday, August 9, 2009

The birthday request

We sure have a lot of birthdays around here. What a lucky thing, as birthday supper is when you get to choose the menu, or at least the theme. This time, the request was for Greek. So, with a few liberties, Greek it was.

The view above is just the condiments on the table: szatziki, homous, the D.M.'s famous eggplant dip, pitas, feta and three kinds of olives.

The mains were broader, with lots of vegie choices, as even the dolmades were meat-free. Spanakopita, tabouli, altogether too many choices!

But yes, the carnivores were happy too. Besides the (not very Greek sausage) and lemon/garlic chicken on the barbie, a leg of lamb had roasted in the oven.

Of course, no birthday would be complete without some sort of celebratory dessert. This time, it was Brenna's famous (and hard to beat) cake.

What's your request?