Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mediterranean tour

Earlier this summer, friends of ours went on a cruise of the Mediterranean. So tonight we were invited for Mediterranean food and a 'tour' via slides they showed on their tv.

I'd never associate mango with Mediterranean cooking, but I'm ready to become a believer. Marinated chicken breasts were roasted on the barbie, then sliced and tossed with mango, olives, grapes, lemon juice and olive oil -- then the whole dish was finished off with yet another salad dressing/sauce.

Even though we'd already eaten our way through cheesed bread rounds and tapenade, we happily chowed down on the chicken as well as spanakopita and a fabulous Greek salad. We needed to wait a while before the baklava, but that tasted mighty fine too.

The only sad part about our meal was the thought, as we viewed the stunning photos of Greece, that so much of that country is currently in flames.

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