Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday night supper on Saturday

Because we had three rousing games of bowling, pizza seemed like the way to go for an easy supper. We'd even brought menus along so we could order and pick up the pizzas on the way home. Only it turns out once we got home, we discovered the vegetarian one had shrimp on it. Not a bad thing in itself, but the vegetarian who planned on eating it is allergic to shrimp, so another call went in to the pizza place.

Turns out it was their mistake, so some poor delivery guy will bring one out to the house, but here's where it gets weird: they phoned back and said we'd have to give back the shrimp pizza. Like, so they can throw it away? For sure they can't sell it again, and I doubt that health laws would even allow employees to eat it.

Closer inspection of the menu reveals we were supposed to get a free six-pack of pop. Not that I'd even especially want it, it's just the principle of it.

I have a feeling this will not only be the first time we order from this place, I'm pretty sure it'll also be the last.

Oh well, with a salad and an avocado on the side, I bet we'll survive.

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