Saturday, March 28, 2009

New twist on an old favourite

When I was in the butcher shop yesterday, I noticed an item I'd never seen before: drumettes. Not the usual eensy chicken ones. These were turkey drumettes, and they are large.

If you haven't used or seen drumettes before, they're the top (meatier) portion of the wing. I guess in human anatomy, it would be the humerus.

It's a family supper tonight, and a Saturday at that, so a big pot of Turkey Cacciatore is what we're having. Whole wheat pasta, some steamed cauliflower and a baked squash -- so there are lots of choices for what to pour it over.

Salad, a baguette and then a fruit crisp (last of the peaches and raspberries from the freezer) for dessert.

My favourite people are always a great excuse for making a nice meal.

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