Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spicy mid-week special

It's never good to let life get dull. But there's no chance of anything like that tonight. I decided to use up a little jar of green curry paste, so I got a bit of pork out of the freezer this morning.

When I cooked up the meat, I added garlic and onions, then broccoli and baby bok choi. The curry paste was rounded out with some coconut milk and fish sauce. Because cilantro is still one of the only fresh greens supplied locally, lots of that went in at the end, along with some lovely whole almonds. Oh yes, a lonely baked potato was sitting in the fridge, so that too got added into the mix.

Pretty mixed-up and wow, very spicy! Still, no one can say mid-week is boring around here.

Oh, and the little golden circle? That's a bracelet from Thailand that bears this positive message, both in Thai and in English: Long live the King.

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