Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sabado/Saturday supper in the town square

The man with the tamales was in town tonight. Choices were chicken, pork, poblano with cheese, and even a dessertish one with a filling made of cornmeal and strawberries.

The hot dog stand was also open. Hot dogs, si, but how often do they come with onions cooked with bacon? Or for that matter, with hot peppers.
More strolling led to the taco place where the guys sat down for a soft taco and a quesadilla each. Me, I was more adventurous and had a sweet-cooked yam, sold from the charming venue of a wheelbarrow a woman was pushing down the street.

Tomorrow will be a tricky one -- no laptop and connecting flights that won't put us home until after midnight. It might be a missed day for "what's fer supper" -- although it's likely the supper won't be one to brag about.

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  1. I was right about no post for March 22nd. To be blunt, there wasn't any supper, unless you want to count those packets of salty things they feed you on the plane. Both connections were so tight, we didn't have time to buy airport food. A hunk of cheese when we got home at 1 a.m. served to tide me over 'til morning. Good thing this doesn't happen very often.