Friday, December 18, 2009

Yin and Yang

It started as a celebratory snack: takeaway sushi as a surprise to acknowledge the start of the DM's winter break from work.

Only then, when I did a fast supermarket shop, I grabbed a container of fresh oysters, thinking they could work their way into some complementary stir-fry as follow-up supper.

But some inventorying of the gifts we've prepared, followed by a couple of games of backgammon, led to it being time for supper. So, the whole lot got served together -- a mix of hot and cold foods.

The two little glasses up high on the left are the starters, a raw oyster in each glass, topped with fresh lemon and a dollop of hot sauce. Then there are the two plates of sushi treats with the cooked oysters (done with black bean sauce and chili oil) bottom right. The plate at the top right is steamed shrimp dumplings, part of our dim sum stock from the freezer.

Quite the mix, but a great way to start a holiday!

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