Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a year!

The end of a year, and in this case, that means the end of a blog.

I suppose I’m lucky I missed one post back in March (when I was on a plane, but too much of a Luddite to have a Blackberry), as that gap now gives me this opportunity to do posting number 365.

When I started this project on January 1st, I don’t think I knew what I was in for. But it seemed more fun than the standard new year’s resolution, and when it comes to that part, I was right.

Over the months, I’ve discovered that things don’t always turn out the way we want them to – and I’m talking not only about cooking, but in plenty of other ways too. One result of this realization is that I’ve learned not to worry so much.

I’ve also learned not to be bothered by the crazy looks I sometimes get when I pull out my camera. Oddly, photographing meals at other people’s houses has sometimes been more awkward than taking pictures even in restaurants.

Although we’ve always eaten pretty well, what we’ve eaten may not have always been so ‘pretty’ as it’s been this year. But then, if that’s something else learned, that’s not such a bad thing. There’s much to be said for having food that looks appealing. I’m sure psychologists would bear me out and say appearance convinces people that food tastes better. And I would have to agree. It’s a bit like my not enjoying food off of plastic or Styrofoam. Give me a real plate every time. Please.

If you’ve followed many of these entries, you can probably guess that we don’t throw out very much. That’s partly because I’m a fairly sensible shopper. Although I like to buy what’s on sale, I don’t buy things we don’t like or more than we need. In turn, I suppose these habits allow us the extravagant treats we sometimes indulge in (like fresh halibut, one of my favourites). But the other part of not wasting is because I like the creative challenge of figuring out a way to use whatever’s around. Having a very deep pantry (and freezer) is also a huge advantage.

I’ve honed a lot of practical skills from doing this blog. I’m much faster at uploading photos, titling them, and writing my posts. I know my camera better and I’ve learned to keep the folders with my photos better organized. I also like to think that both my photos and my cooking might have improved some over the year.

I send thanks to my faithful followers, including those who weren’t signed on as such (special hello, B and T!). I wish I could have the bunch of you over to my kitchen, at least for some dessert – that’s one kind of blackberry I do understand.

Even though there won’t be new entries on this blog, I don’t plan to delete it. It will hang here in space (or wherever these things exist) until who-knows-when.. And I promise I’ll post replies to comments or questions you might pose.

By leaving these postings online, I hope they might serve as inspiration for those days when someone asks that question, “What’s fer supper?”


  1. Hi Heidi,

    I've been following this blog since Sage Hill and I'll miss it --and you!

    Maybe one day we can dine together on one coast or the other.


  2. Oh, Marilynn. And remember, if it hadn't been for you, there wouldn't have been any photos for a while! Thank you again for your help back then.