Thursday, December 24, 2009's all about tradition

It's one of those stories that everybody has -- the origin of a family tradition. In our case, it's tradition that Christmas Eve supper is always Swedish Meatballs, or the facsimile we've become accustomed to over the years.

It started, as our suppers so often seem to, based on what was at hand. In our case that was ground beef, noodles and sour cream. Over the years, the dish has been refined to include green peas as the side veg and chopped-up green onions over top. And the meat's no longer ground beef, but range buffalo; there's even a vegetarian version included as a choice.

Because our kitchen's still not fit for a group, we took the fixin's down to J & B's. Mark brought a Caesar salad and everybody was happy, especially with the appie platter J & B made. Crabcakes at the bottom (yes, with real crab) and pumpkin chips from Thailand near the top. Around the world foods to celebrate a special night.

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