Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Countdown begins

...with a birthday celebration!

With our house still not fit for hosting dinners, B's supper was at the restaurant of her choice. Lucky us, she chose a nearby Thai place.

When our salad of Som Tam arrived, she reminded us that last time she'd had this, it had come in a bowl-sized bag, as she'd actually had it in Thailand. The salad was followed by a vegetarian appetizer, an assortment of fried tofu, sweet potato and taro.

The mains were assorted curries and a wonderful noodle dish I'd never had, Pad See-Iew -- the same fat rice noodles as in Pad Thai, but with vegies and meat in a thick, smoky-tasting sauce. Apparently this flavour comes from a special Thai 'black' soy sauce. Whatever, the dish gets my vote as one I'll order again.

Best of all, the birthday girl was happy.

What a start to the countdown that will end this year-long blog. If that was Ten, what's next?

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