Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another evening with the ladies

Tonight was another of our potluck get-togethers. Maybe everybody's bringing better food because they know a picture will get posted. I'm not sure if that's the reason, but the meal sure was a delicious and interesting assortment.

A salmon lasagna, an assortment of dim sum treats, chicken drumettes, a vegie-filled quiche, a green salad with hunks of chicken in it (mine) and a very satisfying salad made from frozen peas. The recipe sounded simple enough: frozen peas, chopped celery, chopped red onion, chopped peanuts and coleslaw dressing. Colourful enough to seem festive, it would be a good addition to any potluck or holiday table.

And then, after all of that (as if we needed anything more), came the dessert courses. An ambosia kind of mixture, two kinds of cookies and assorted fruit with chocolate fondue. No eating necessary tomorrow!

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