Sunday, December 27, 2009

Five...quick and spicy

After being out for much of the afternoon, I came home cold and hungry.

What could be easier than rolling a couple of tortillas around some refried beans? The last of some jalapeno sauce went in with a bit of water, just so there'd be some liquid to keep the tortillas from going crisp. The hardest part was waiting for my supper to heat through in the oven.

Sure, I could have nuked the dish, but I like the way oven makes things hotter than the microwave seems to, and the way the food holds its heat longer. Or is this just something I imagine?

Whatever, while the two little roll-ups baked, I had time to throw together a bit of a salad, grate some cheese for melting over top of the burritos, and select the hot sauce that would work the best at finishing off the job of spicing things up.

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