Sunday, December 20, 2009

Million dollar meal

Or maybe it just feels that way, after the crazy day I had.

After spending waaaay too much time trying to follow someone's driving instructions, I may end up asking Santa for a GPS.

But I didn't need a GPS to find the way down to B & J's place where we tonight's supper is happening, along with the finale of Survivor.

B made the most beautiful slow-cooked chicken dish. Loaded with whole button mushrooms, it was rich and satisfying, and perfect over just-mashed potatoes. Broccoli done just-right in the steamer, and a crunchy cabbage salad.

Just at the corner of my plate you can spot a little bowl of B's delicious pickled carrots.

All I'm contributing is a dessert I'm calling "Survivor Pie". Foraged blackberries are the fruit filling; accompaniment is yogourt, and what flavour goes with Survivor better than coconut?

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