Monday, December 14, 2009


There's snow falling tonight, and everything outside is turning white, so we're having colourful food.

A pan of chicken thighs baked in a made-up curry sauce, one I hope I can duplicate -- with these thrown-together sauces, it can be tricky. It was a couple of spoonfuls of Thai red curry paste, about the same amount of coconut milk, olive oil, and then a bunch of orange juice to 'water' it down from the pasty state.

When there was about 20 minutes left for the chicken (while the rice cooked), I mixed cauliflower chunks into the sauce with the chicken. This proved to be just the right amount of time, as they came out flavoured with the sauce and cooked, but not mushy.

When I shopped the other day, I discovered that the produce store had local mixed-colour peppers -- mini size, just right for dipping in homous.

Because I didn't have any Naan bread, at the last minute I tossed a tortilla into the oven. It even puffed a bit and was quite a satisfactory substitute. Next time I try this, I think I'll coat it with a bit of oil first -- might keep it a bit softer, from getting too crisp.

A supper with lots of colour, and lots of flavour too!

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