Saturday, December 26, 2009

Six...garlic and green

I'm on my own, so I'm having an easy supper with just about my favourite food group, pasta. I got out a package of pre-made ravioli, a 'gourmet' version, stuffed with spinach and cheese. For topping, my starting point is one of the little containersof pesto base I made in early September when the herbs were at their peak. The pesto base needs the addition of more olive oil, Parmesan cheese and nuts. Too lazy to get out the hand-held blender, I just mooshed the oil and pesto together in the pot, then sprinkled the cheese and nuts over top.

The high cost of lettuce this last week means I won't waste any of the spiny bits, so one of my pseudo-Caesar salads gives me an excuse to use the whole piece of lettuce. Besides, there was a half a lemon that needed to be used.

Lots of Parmesan on the salad and the pasta and I am a happy camper, even if I am reeking of garlic. Maybe it's a good thing I'm on my own for a few days!

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