Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yet another feast

Usually the staff here get Sunday evenings off. But because there was another group using the facility today – and they’d ordered food – we got lucky.

The salad was spectacular: romaine and saskatoon berries in a saskatoon-berry-vinegar-based dressing. My tongue turned kind of purple, but I didn’t care. The taste was worth it.

Rice pilaf made a base for chicken breasts in a nicely tart lime sauce. Besides seasoned green beans, there was a wonderful veggie medley of carrots, pea pods and fresh asparagus. As for the dabs of red, they’re from my trusty bottle of hot sauce.

Dessert? I’ll let Sandy’s photo* speak for itself. Just know it tasted every bit as gooey and good as it looks.

*Because my camera’s decided to take a sabbatical, tonight’s photos are courtesy of Sandy Pool.

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