Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday night, scallopy goodness

Not the ocean-dwelling scallops (I’m waaay allergic), but cozy-up-comfortable scalloped potatoes. They were creamy as could be and were served with their traditional accompaniment, thickly sliced ham. I did my usual interfering with things, taking mustard for the ham and sprinkling grated cheese on the potatoes. Of course, there were vegies and fresh bread, as well as the usual array of salad fixings.

Dessert was assorted fruit and a platter of what looked big doughnut holes (sorry, no photo, but I think it's easy enough to picture what they looked like). The sign near them said ‘Lost and Found Doughnuts’ and some of us wondered what this meant. Turns out they’d lost the recipe for a while, but luckily, found it again.

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