Monday, May 4, 2009

Using things up

I like nothing better than using up bits of food. Really, I hate tossing anything (unless it's into the compost).

Tonight's supper saw me using up all kinds of things, starting with the salmon from Saturday. I drizzled a bit of hoi-sin sauce onto the leftovers and put them into the microwave for a heat-through. Sadly, even with a lid, some of the fish managed to explode out onto the sides. Probably needed a clean anyway, still...

I saw a jar of white pasta sauce in the pantry and realized it was getting close to its date to be scary, so I used that as a base to get me going on using up more stuff. First in was a partly used container of ricotta cheese, followed by a small red pepper, chopped up. A few crumples of dried coral mushrooms from last fall, and I left the pot of sauce to simmer while I cooked linguini.

Schlurpy goodness.

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