Sunday, May 31, 2009

Looks like summer

It feels like summer too -- the air is warm and sweet, so, a summer supper it is. The Dear Man cooks up his usual magic on the barbie. A 'mixed grill' of pork, chicken and sausage just about fill the left-hand side. On the right, the vegetarian items: asparagus, tofu dogs and fake-chicken-breast units.

When it's ready, everything gets piled onto the counter in the kitchen, where everyone serves themselves whatever combo they might be interested in -- potato salad, rice salad, even corn on the cob.

Then we take our plates outside to where the tables are set, out on the deck. Bread and homous and green salad, along with mustards and condiments await us there too.

And this is how my plate looked, just before I dove in. End of May, end of spring, and on into a summer of fun and good eating!

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