Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bit of this, a bit of that

A combination of foods from the pantry, the fridge and the freezer, this supper is a fusion on many levels.

On the far right is a dish of Palak Paneer, something I would never make at home unless I could suddenly sprout a huge spinach patch. Contents of the bowl came from the pantry, one of those magical packets that spend a few minutes in the microwave and are ready to eat.

Next to it, in the skillet on the stove is a dish that's a combo of fridge and pantry ingredients. I stir-fried some garlic in a bit of oil, then added chopped up celery, onion and yellow pepper. Next, I added the last of the pork from Sunday's supper. After that, I added a packet of pre-made food, this time a vegetarian Korma. As if it wasn't contradictory enough to add meat, I also added some red curry paste. If it's going to be dish of contradictions, let's go whole hog.

The dish in the centre is the one that doesn't belong, but it sure added a comfort-food factor to the meal. These are from the freezer, pork dumplings from the local produce store. Steamed for the same time it took the rice to cook.

And yes, last is the rice, perked up with frozen peas, cumin seed and a sprinkling of chicken bouillon powder.

See what I mean? A bit of this, a bit of that? And oh yes, the 'salad' was a cut-up green pepper with a dollop of homous for dipping.

Lots of good flavours, and heaps left over for beautiful lunches tomorrow.

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