Sunday, April 3, 2011

Using things up

Tomorrow night is going to be some kind of restaurant meal (after all, we're in the land of big buffets, Las Vegas), so tonight it's a mishmash that uses up what's around.

And because we have water hook-up, I get to use the nice cast-iron skillet.

I started with olive oil and cooked up garlic cloves and onions, including some of the onion that had been on the barbie the other night. After that, I added a packet of spicy Thai seasonings (Thai basil and other delights) and added the sliced up bits of leftover buffalo from the too-big steaks we'd chowed into the other night. The leftover birthday potatoes also went in, but then, because the mixture seemed too dry, I added a pouch of premade palak paneer and then let that all simmer while the rice finished steaming. With a last-second addition of a handful of frozen peas, it was starting to look like something edible. The last of the Naan bread added a nice touch, and helped scrape up the sauce on our plates.

Because salad greens were gone, we made do with a lot of fresh cilantro sprinkled over top, and a plate with the last pear and a few dates.

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