Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretend barbie

We'd had good intentions of barbecuing tonight, but a fierce wind blew up (not cold, but gusty and full of gritty sand). The breeze was stiff enough to deter even the Dear Man, but he made the burgers (buffalo) on the stove instead. Plenty of onions cooked up first, some cheese over top, stuffed onto a couple of buns.

I made some coleslaw a day ago, so the flavours should be starting to mellow. It wasn't my usual recipe, but used what was on hand -- olive oil, juice of a lemon, chili oil with bamboo shoots, plenty of pepper.

If this supper looks skimpy compared to our usual feasts, it might be because we already
had ourselves a plate of pretend nacho snack. And yep, that's where the leftover salsa for top of the burgers came from.

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