Monday, April 18, 2011

East meets West

Tonight’s supper was quite the crazy quilt – not combinations you’d usually consider.

Earlier, I’d added some chopped up purple onion and green pepper to last night’s leftover couscous. I poured some olive oil over top, then fretted over what I’d put into it for spice. The usual flavourings for tabbouli are parsley and mint, but I didn’t have either on hand.

Still, I had a mint teabag (okay, green tea and mint), so I sliced that open and sprinkled it over top. Just before supper I added fresh lemon juice, bits of chopped tomato and feta cheese. So that was the East part, or at least Middle East.

To round things out, I pulled a pack of tempura shrimp (more ‘Eastern’ influence?) from the freezer and put those little beauties into the oven with a casserole dish of tinned beans. Beans seem like ‘western’ food, cowboys and all, plus the jar of salsa seems kinda western too.

I’m sure there wasn’t another soul on the planet who had the same combination. And I’m also sure they didn’t have the sunset view that we did.

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