Friday, April 8, 2011

Hot stuff for a cold night

Crazy, but it's snowing. Big, lacy, Christmasy-looking flakes.

We'd heard the roads were bad, so decided to settle in for the day and night. That gave us time for walking around the town (Kanab, Utah) and exploring.

Some nice locals urged us to go for lunch at the all-you-can-eat pizza and soup and salad bar place. Five bucks, better than Vegas.

Anyway, the big lunch left us full enough that supper didn't happen until 9 tonight. But as I mentioned, hot it was.

The Dear Man played sous-chef and chopped up an onion, some cloves of garlic, and a chunk of the pork rib meat that had been earmarked for tonight.

I cooked that up, then stirred in the last of some curry paste I'd brought from home. Then I added the final bits of the stir-fry vegie mix we've been using the past few days and tossed in some reconstituted chicken bouillon, to give it some liquid.

Served over a curry-style couscous mix (which I'd added frozen peas to), the hot spicy food was the perfect antidote to the cold and blustery weather. (And yes, that's a little pot of yogourt on the table to go with the curry.)

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