Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Camper cooking

After a day spent hiking around the Grand (yes, it lives up to its name -- and then some) Canyon, we found an RV spot right in the park. Only catch, there's no hook-ups. That means no water or electricity.

That didn't deter us. We have water in our tank and, with propane, who needs electricity. It can run both our fridge and our stove. For supper what more do we need? As for light, it meant a candle for our little lantern.

In keeping with the spirit, we had sausages (pretty spectacular ones -- buffalo meat made into German-style sausages) and beans. The beans were plain old tinned ones, though I added a bit of hoi-sin sauce (didn't have my usual addition, molasses).

Plus, I baked a batch of those pre-made (in a tube) biscuits. Managed to set off the smoke detector (battery-powered, not electrical) in doing so, but that served as a good reminder that they were starting to burn.

Then, leaving the oven door open while we ate made the whole place nice and cozy.

And really, how many people get to camp in Grand Canyon National Park?

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