Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hardly the traditional Sunday roast beef

This morning I was hungry for eggs, but we were trying to pack up to make up some miles on the road. But when lunchtime came, and I still had the craving, I pulled out the skillet and fried up the last of the steak, then tossed some eggs and cheese over top of the meat. Piled onto a couple of buns, these sandwiches left us set for the afternoon’s drive.

But because we were driving, and without running water, the skillet had to sulk alone under the sink, with no one for company but a damp paper towel.

By supper time, the eggy goop had come off enough that the pan was just fine for tossing oil into and frying up some garlic and onions, the base of so many of our meals. Double-duty, one wash – this is a good thing.

Because I’m trying so many of the convenience foods I keep finding here, tonight I used a packet of pre-cooked ‘center cut beef with chili sauce’. The serving suggestion pictured on the package shows it on a bun, a la Sloppy Joes, but I decided to use it to make a stir fry instead. Adding the last bits of coleslaw (some had gone into wraps for lunches) and some bits of green pepper gave it just the right crunch. And served with plain old couscous, it was easy and quick.

Instead of a salad, I put out some lettuce leaves and we made ourselves some messy (but yummy) roll-ups.

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