Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This looks like almost the same supper we had not very long ago. Still, it finally felt hot out, even if briefly. Though that might be only because we've come down out of the mountains.

Still, it felt warm enough to get out the barbie again (though we still had to eat indoors, too chilly for the picnic table). Spring seems pretty iffy everywhere.

Once again, it's bison burgers -- this time with barbecued onions and red peppers. Melted cheese and avocado and tomato and lettuce. . . plenty of toppings.

Oh, and those magical get-crisp-in-the-microwave easy chips. Way fun.


  1. Yep! The idea of cooking suppers in an RV was too hard to resist documenting.
    Adventures on the road and the challenges accompanying same.
    Glad you're there, Janet!