Thursday, April 7, 2011


Because we slept in the park last night, we went out for more sightseeing of the oh-so-grand Grand Canyon. Managed to get ourselves nicely windblown. There were a few tiems I clutched at trees, thinking I was about to go over!

We then had a longish drive, wanting to make Utah, and boy, if the winds at the canyon seemed strong, the ones on the road were downright crazy.

Anyway, the drive with its tiring gusts of wind left both of us feeling dehydrated (all the elevation changes probably added too).

So supper was a double batch of broth (two tins, plus water) with the last bits of the chicken (from two nights ago) tossed in. A small pack of big ravioli cooked right in the broth.

Instead of salad, I threw in an odd assortment of vegies -- part of a bag of fresh 'stir-fry' vegies I bought the other day. We've already used bits in salads as well. Convenient.

With a few biscuits left over from last night's meal and then some chili-oil bamboo shoots, well, we were laughing.

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