Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sort of a Sunday night dinner

Not serving the family tonight, though we're lucky that so often there's a crowd of happy eaters at our house. But while it's not a from-scratch meal, the menu's really not all that different.

Barbecued ribs in the oven used up the last of the homemade barbecue sauce I'd brought from home. The scalloped potatoes are from a cardboard box mix (where it was only 93 cents, I couldn't say no).

Salad's a fake Caesar -- spinach with tiny bits of chopped up garlic, plenty of olive oil, the juice of a small lemon, and hand-grated Parmesan (still have the teensiest chunk).

The 'garlic bread' is burger buns I spread with butter, then sprinkled with a garlicky pepper shake spice I bought at an RV show.

Now, if only the rest of the crew were here...

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