Saturday, April 16, 2011

Round and round and round

It's not so much the food going 'round -- the ones going 'round today -- that was us. We're barely 30 miles from where we stopped last night.

We wanted to check out some ruins (worth it) and another national park, and the route worked out to be pretty much a circle.

When we finally circled the wagons (okay, parked the unit) for the night, supper was something that had to come together fast.

I'd had a packet of 'garlic Alfredo' sauce mix in with our camping supplies for almost forever. If it ever had an expiry date, it had worn off.

Cooked up some fresh pasta, whipped up the sauce (with butter, cup of milk) and added chunks of chicken from the other night's bird (the ones left after the big wraps we'd had for yesterday's lunch). Some fresh green beans and salad and we were diggin' in!

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