Monday, October 26, 2009

Soup and sandwich

…a Monday night classic. It’s another of those evenings that see both of us heading off to other commitments. So, soup and a sandwich seemed the perfect solution. Easy to fix, easy to eat, and not much of a mess to leave behind.

For the soup, I used the second half of the squash we’d started on Saturday. I cooked it into some chicken broth (from chicken stock cubes), added some curry and cumin, and let it render itself down until it wasn’t watery. The dollop of cream on top was the last of the garlicked sour cream I’d made up for a vegie dip (appies) last night. It gave just the right bit of contrast to the light spice of the soup.

Thick chunks of ham on a bun made a great accompanying sandwich. What a good use for leftovers from last night (and from the night before). Tomorrow, it’ll have to be something new. Hmm, already I’m thinking: what’s fer supper?

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