Thursday, October 22, 2009

The colours of autumn

Gold and red and orange -- and mushroom.

The day before yesterday, when we took that forest stroll, we found a species of mushroom we weren't sure of. So the DM went to The Book, we compared notes on what we'd observed, he even did a spore print to see what colour would result.

Turns out, they're not only edible, they're delectable, so they became a nice addition to tonight's meal of doctored leftovers.

I'd picked out the potato and carrots from the other night's pot roast and was left with some beef and a nice, rich gravy. All I had to do was heat that through and add some sour cream -- voilĂ , instant stroganoff (or reasonable facsimile thereof). With that over top of some eggy wheat noodles, we had ourselves a main dish. And sprinkled over top of that, the fried-up mushrooms -- magnifique!

Using up some boiled eggs gave us a second protein (plus more salad, more colour). And of course, we had our usual green salad -- tonight flecked with chunks of carrots and walnuts. Lovely colours to complement a colourful season.

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