Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bushwalk supper

Too tired to say more now.

Blanks will be filled in tomorrow, I promise.

- -
Well, it's taken most of the day for me to sign on. Even though today found us back at home, it was a day for bucking up chunks of wood for the woodpile and dealing with the windfall treats we foraged on the weekend.

But back to Saturday's supper: After a day spent hiking and tracking down a variety of wild mushrooms, we stopped before dark for a roadside picnic. It was a matter of using up what was left in the cooler: bagels, Swiss cheese, and meatloaf.

The hearty sandwiches kept us going until we made our way home. After a stop in the bath, little bowls of broth served as nighty-night snacks.

And tomorrow, the day to give thanks!

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