Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Turkey always gets a bad rap as a food that makes us sleepy, even though research suggests it’s probably holiday overeating that tires us so.

Our family’s long held the theory that certain overly-processed foods actually do make us sleepy. In fact, we’ve got a name for this phenomenon, Junk Food Poisoning, or for short, JFP.

Because the Dear Man had an evening commitment at work, this meant a meal for one. And it’s probably just today’s rain, but something made me want comfort food for supper. Only the comfort food that came to mind was one that’s notorious for causing JFP.

Even though I’m meeting a friend for a movie tonight, I blithely opened the box and poured the noodles into the water. I did at least add some tinned salmon to my salad.

Still, fingers crossed that I make it through the film without the dreaded JFP kicking in!

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