Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yet another observance

Tonight was another of those Ladies' Nights I often go to -- one of those meals where the potluck is exactly that. Nobody gets together to plan any menu. Each of us just brings what we feel like bringing.

Oddly enough, just as last night saw us commemorating the passing of one grandmother, tonight is the anniversary of the death of my grandma (or as we always called her, Mayme).

To honour her, I made a dish she was famous for -- sauerkraut with country-style ribs (the brownish food in the little grey-and-blue casserole dish).

Pat had set the most beautiful table, complete with fallen autumn leaves and candles. And then, look how perfectly the colours of the dishes coordinated with each other -- the orange of sweet potatoes (topping a delicious chicken/mushroom combo) and the bright red on another chicken dish. Apparently, that recipe called for crushed potato chips over top, but since she didn't have any of those, our resourceful 'lady' used red taco chips. What a nice touch!

As always, at these suppers together, we talked of many things, enjoying each other's company. I know that Mayme would have loved being there. The only thing that might have disappointed her? That we never got out the playing cards.

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