Friday, October 16, 2009

Girls' Night In

Actually, it's a girls' weekend. We're starting out tonight with one of those food groups women seem to love, pasta. In our case, that translates as lasagna for the main course. It's a potluck kind of supper, with everyone bringing something towards the meal.

No photo possible, as I'm using someone else's computer, and am on dial-up, rural style.

More notes and a pic when I'm home again.

- -
Home again, so the photo is there, though really the meal was so much more than what shows. We had so many appies we could hardly take a bite of the wonderful lasagnas (one meat, one veg). And then, there was an apple-and-blueberry pie. Oh my!

As one of our group put it, "I feel like a snake that's eaten a chicken!"

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