Thursday, October 15, 2009

Something new

Chicken in the oven was my plan for tonight's supper. But what kind of chicken? As always, the big question.

But when a recipe for Tamale Pie stared up at me from the paper, I thought, hmm -- Mexican.

I poured some green molé sauce (from a grocery store in Mexico, bought when we were there in March) over top of the chicken and started gathering things for the 'pie'.

Turns out I was missing a few of the ingredients, so I improvised with what was on hand. Really, I wasn't about to drive or walk to the store to get a bit of corn and cilantro. Somehow I knew we'd survive, especially when the Dear Man started chopping jalapeno peppers and popping them into the oven too.

With some fresh tomatoes, lettuce and a squished-up avocado, it's a feast, maybe even a fiesta!

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