Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's a pub night

We're still on our getaway weekend and about to head out for a stroll about town. I suspect we're going to end up at the pub for some kind of burger or sandwich. Maybe watch part of a hockey game -- or if there's a band, stick around for a dance or at least a listen.

Because this is a holiday, I'm shutting down the computer now, but will settle the mystery of tonight's "What's fer supper" when we're back home tomorrow, whenever that may be.

Lots to be grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend (and always).

- -
As it turns out we did one of our 'sharesies' plans. An order of steak and prawns (with spicy potatoes and squash soup) plus a plate of assorted appies -- chicken wings, vegies and dip, onion rings, zucchini strips and more.

Divided up onto two plates, each of us had a wonderfully varied meal: half a steak, a few prawns and all those other tidbits to sample. Very tasty and very fun.

And yes, we sat around and watched a period of hockey -- Edmonton and Montreal. Very Saturday nightish.

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