Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not your average Thursday in Springfield

I know, Homer Simpson likes meatloaf on Thursday. Depending on your point of view, that either puts us in good or bad company. Whichever camp you choose, I don't think there was anything Homerish about what we ate tonight.

As is usually the case around when it comes to dishes with ground meat, the meatloaf was made from buffalo.

After last night's mostly-vegie feast, quite a lot of rice was left, so I stirred up some onion and swirled up the rice with oil and soy sauce for a different sort of side dish. Frozen peas at the last minute gave it some colour and a bit more veg-content.

But the best side dish of all had to be the fresh oyster mushrooms -- ones we found yesterday out on our stroll through the forest. Cooked in a bit of butter (not margarine, no way), they were light and delicious.

Definitely not a meal that would make anyone say Doh!

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