Tuesday, June 28, 2011

West Coast Feast

We managed today to close the loop -- and we're back in Port Townsend, the U.S. town where this adventure really began.

We were last here for three days in March, and managed to get almost the same campground spot we stayed in back then. The ocean outside the bedroom window (what a headboard!) is every bit as beautiful as I remember it.

Tonight's seafood feast was a lot more grandiose than the one we had the last night we were here (at spring equinox), as we stopped by a dockside seafood shop when we pulled into town and bought some fresh-off-the-boat treats.

I'll admit, it proved to be quite the menu. Prawns with a Thai green curry (though I cheated -- no coconut milk, used one of my special white Ovaltines instead) and a bunch of fresh vegies. Clams steamed with garlic and freshly-picked seaweed. Melted butter with garlic, a bagel instead of bread. Seaweed salad with sesame oil (bought at the fish shop). Then, because all the pots and pans were occupied, instead of rice, it was couscous in the casserole dish.

Happiest of all, I didn't have to do the dishes!

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