Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day barbie

Still in Ontario, visiting family, and today's quite the birthday celebration. Not only is it the day to celebrate Canada's birth, brother Leo (and my sister, Karen, even though she isn't here) was born on this day.

Today holds an even more personal significance: it's the day this little blog begins its second half. I've planned all along for this to be a one-year experiment. If that's the case, yesterday was the end of the year's first half. But onward once again to the food.

The traditional barbecue was nearly rained out. Happily, the cooks had started early enough that everything could be brought in almost as soon as the downpour began.

Ribs, sausages and garlic bread cooked on the barbie while salad and vegies and sauces made their way to the table (indoors, for sure).

And the spectacular birthday cake tasted every bit as decadent as it looked.

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