Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Use it all up!

Because we're heading out to the Gulf Islands tomorrow, it's another of those use-everything-in-the-fridge suppers.

Veggies on hand included half a red (purple?) onion, five mushrooms, some green onions, one baby zucchini from the front yard, and a few rags of tired-looking spinach.

There was about a quarter of a jar of satay sauce in the fridge too, plus the leftover sauce the chicken had baked in the other night.

I found a packet of Thai rice noodles in the pantry, pulled out some prawns from the freezer, and got to work.

While the water got hot for the noodles, the stir-fry came to life -- and somehow a salad found itself made too. That was also pretty eclectic with celery, onion, the last of the lettuce and chunks of the leftover bacon sprinkled in. I even managed to use the last of the jar of homemade dressing.

A last minute dollop of Thai fish sauce (that's when the spinach went on too) completed the dish.

Now that's the makings of an empty fridge!

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