Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moose on a spit

...comes out so tender. The 'head chef' at our campsite sure knows how to prepare food. Because tonight was a birthday celebration for a friend who lives nearby, supper was a group effort.

John looked after the moose, letting it twirl on the barbie and drive us crazy with its garlicky scent for hours. He also baked homemade buns this morning (so soft and smooth, like the proverbial baby's bum).

Lesley assembled a green salad filled with beet greens and peapods, while I made a potato salad (which I decorated with nasturtiums from Michael's garden). And Michael made the most delicious dessert: an apple and rhubarb pie, topped with whipped cream. Enough to make me want to scout up another camper with a birthday!

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