Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh boy, lazy

We got caught in the crush of traffic leaving Hornby Island, so even though we left our site just after noon, we didn't get over to Vancouver Island until nearly four. Because it's a hot day, we weren't up for the trek down island (and to another ferry) and over to Saltspring. Instead, we took the lazy route again and got a room at our favourite Vancouver Island hotel, the place that has the most delicious restaurant.

Tonight was buffet night, and we weren't disappointed. There were too many choices to try, though try we did. The photo above was what I had for starters: poached salmon, steamed clams (and were they ever sweeeet!), some salady samplers.

The mains were more complex: Chinese style barbecued pork, vegie chow mein, red snapper in lavender butter (with blueberries for panache), tiny little Cornish pasties -- amazing.

But the dessert table was the most magnificent of all. Pies (apple, lemon meringue and more), cakes, and a chocolate fountain fondue with assorted fruits and baby cream puffs for dipping.

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