Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunset delight

I'm so lucky to be part of the Denman Island Writers' Festival. Not only are there interesting people everywhere, the hospitality feels endless.

Because the Dear Man was joining me here tonight, and not getting a ferry until after the supper hour, the staff prepared plates of supper for both of us to take back to the luxurious seaside home we've been assigned. We're considered 'non-vegetarian' and tonight's supper was proof of that fact, big racks of ribs with spicy sauce. The DM had also picked up a few fresh oysters, so those got heated up in the same pan as the ribs, and made for the perfect islandy complement.

A wonderful medley of vegies was chockablock with pine nuts (I'm much more chintzy with those). The mixed green salad came home with a creamy dill dressing on the side. The women even packed us pieces of an orangey cake with icing -- as if, after all of this, we might need any dessert!

All of this is hard to beat. Sitting out on our deck, looking through the forest to the sea -- the setting only made the food that much more delicious!

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