Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eating in, in style

After a crazy morning of packing and piling camping gear into the car, then taking a ferry and driving up the Island Highway, we settled in for a night at a hotel. It's a place we visit just about every year -- a place where the food is always good, and so are the sleeps.

After a bit of unpacking and a swim in the pool, dinner in the room sounded like the perfect, lazy treat.

The local special, a mixed grill, featured lamb, steak, and chorizo sausage with rice and vegies. As we've experienced other times here, the chef uses plenty of wild mushrooms, an item that's always a treat.

The salad was wonderful too: a perfect avocado, along with spinach, shrimp and bits of fruit -- canteloupe, honeydew and tiny grapes.

It took a while to think of the last time we'd splurged on room service. It turned out to be nearly seven years ago. It was the night before we were leaving Australia and we were madly repacking (following a camping trip) in a hotel room near the Sydney airport. Sounds just about exactly backwards from tonight's excuse for luxury. But hey, once every seven years isn't all that extravagant.

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