Monday, November 9, 2009

Sometimes being lazy pays off

At least it helped make up for something foolish.

Last night I hadn't much felt like cleaning up after our supper. The plates got scraped into the garbage and that was about it.

Then today, it struck me -- I'd tossed the bones from those lamb shanks, the ones that would have made such a beautiful Scotch broth.

But even though the garbage was gone, I still had the pot with the last night's gravy (the payoff for laziness). I added a litre of pre-cooked chicken broth (those Tetra-Pak things that live forever in the pantry) and cooked it up for a little while to get the flavours blended. I added the tortellini that were lingering about and tossed in some parsley from the batch of it still braving the weather out in the garden.

We rounded it out with open-faced cheese melts with tomatoes sliced and broiled and accompanied it all with a couple of cherry tomatoes that have hanging in the laundry room and ripening for just such a night.

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