Monday, November 2, 2009

All-in-the-oven supper

I saved a bit of sauerkraut for just such a supper as this -- a night of using things up -- and managed to cook up all of it in the oven.

Because I'd decided to use at least some of the insides from the Halloween pumpkins, tonight was the night for that too. Improvising some, I made three loaves of pumpkin bread, and since those meant the oven would be on, I put the supper in there too.

Those 'au gratin' scalloped potatoes are part of the meal, and a pan of baked sausages (the homemade bockwurst) goes with it. That sauerkraut I mentioned cooked again with the sausages.

Instead of a salad, a few beets from the fridge (ones I'd marinated the other day) plus a dollop of good mustard, and we're set.

Hot food, a warm house, and three loaves that I hope will taste as good as they smell.

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